"Listening to Myers’ banjo playing, you’ll hear a combination of Walter Hensley, Earl Scruggs, JD Crowe and Bill Emmerson. Steve plays with feeling and conviction. A hard, powerful, driving force that is there when needed and at times small and meek while others share the spotlight"
-Gary Henderson
Radio Personality
Washington University
WAMU 88.5
"The 'Bad-boy' of Banjo....complete with earring and sporting a look at me attitude...
Steve Myers brings to bluegrass what Andy Warhol brought to contemporary art.
However...Myers is approachable....and that makes him cool!
-Joe Turner Russell
PA Review Spot

"That boy plays that banjo like a demon"
-Walter Hensley
Steve with Gary Henderson at the WAMU 88.5 Studios
So long Earl. You were my mentor and everything
that was the banjo. Thanks for the inspiration.
You were a true pioneer.
"To live in the hearts we leave behind, is not to die"
Godspeed, my friend...